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Step by step on the way to a digitally secure Switzerland - this is our story:


January 2024

Cybersecurity expert team growing at Zug location

Since Tobias Castagna started as Head of Test Experts in November 2022, a strong team has grown at the Test Institute site in Zug. The build-up of the staff will continue and qualified applicants are always welcome.

Current Vacancies

November 2023

Security vulnerabilities in public electric mobility charging infrastructure

Serious security vulnerabilities were identified at around 30 organizations. Die Schwachstellen wurden den Herstellern gemeldet und von diesen behoben. These were reported to the manufacturers, who then rectified them. The findings were also used to create general recommendations for the industry.

Press Release

June 2023

A legal opinion on criminal liability for ethical hacking

The publication of this legal opinion constitutes a contribution by the NTC toward the Confederation’s current national cyberstrategy, which seeks to institutionalize ethical hacking. The legal opinion shows that ethical hacking can only be exempt from prosecution if certain framework conditions are met.

Press Release

April 2023

Technical security analysis of the mobile app “TikTok”

No concrete indications were found that users were being monitored. However, the use of applications with extensive permissions in business and government contexts should generally be questioned.

Press Release

June 2022

NTC builds up a competence network

In its initial phase, the NTC is inviting domestic and foreign experts to collaborate in assessing networked products and digital applications for vulnerabilities. As of now, local and international cybersecurity experts are invited to register for the competence network.


June 2022

Unanimous positive decision of Cantonal Council of the Canton of Zug

The Cantonal Council of Zug decided positively and unanimously on 31 March 2022 to allocate CHF 7.55 million to support and establish the National Cyber Security Test Institute NTC.

Press Release

June 2021

The first orders

On behalf of the National Cyber Security center NCSC, the NTC audits the functionalities and security of the Swiss Covid certificate system. On behalf of an IT service provider for medical, the security of its services was audited.

Results Secrurity Tests

December 2020

Founding of the association

Foundation of the association "National Test Institute for Cyber Security NTC" and entry in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zug.

October 2020

Assessment of requirements

A survey among operators of critical infrastructures confirms the need for a national cyber security testing institute. (German only)

Requirement Assessment

July 2020

Publication of initial concept

Publication of the concept paper on the creation of a testing institute for networked devices from the point of view of cyber security.

Concept Paper (German only)