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Independent test institute increases cyber security in Switzerland

The National Test Institute for Cybersecurity (NTC) is being established in Zug to test the cybersecurity of networked IT products and digital applications. Around 30 cybersecurity specialists will be hired until 2025 to collaborate with experts from home and abroad to test IT products for vulnerabilities. In doing so, the National Test Institute for Cybersecurity will take on an important role in efforts to strengthen Switzerland’s cybersecurity and its independence. 

The unanimous decision reached by the Cantonal Parliament of Zug on March 31, 2022, came into force with the expiration of the referendum period on June 7, 2022, thereby ensuring start-up financing for the NTC’s establishment. Following the successful conclusion of the pilot phase, work can now begin on the actual setup of the NTC.  

Growing cyber risks require differentiated security checks

Millions of digital components, devices and apps are in use every day in Switzerland. According to the prevailing opinion among experts, nearly every digital product has unknown vulnerabilities. Increased networking and widespread use are giving rise to considerable risks for society and business. Numerous digital products are not subject to any central testing requirements. In addition, private sector security companies lack any incentives to conduct security testing on their own initiative and at their own cost. As a result, security checks for the common good are not being carried out to the extent and in the depth currently required.

Independent test institute increases cyber resilience

The NTC is emerging as an objective and neutral institute that checks networked products and digital applications for trustworthiness and security. Testing takes place in cooperation with the business community, IT security firms and universities and is triggered on a self-initiated basis as needed. The NTC works on a non-profit basis. It acts fully independently; financial participation on the part of product manufacturers and service providers is excluded by the articles of association. 

Center of competence and knowledge transfer

The test institute is guided by internationally accepted recommendations and standards in its work. The high quality of the testing services is guaranteed through the institute’s own expertise as well as by an active exchange of knowledge with international experts. The close exchange with other cybersecurity organizations at home and abroad, as well as the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) ensures that existing measures synergetically intertwine and that capacities are available to be called up. 

In addition, the NTC points out vulnerabilities in products and services and makes its expertise available to the manufacturers of IT components and digital applications, as well as to businesses and the population. With its testing and research projects, the NTC is fulfilling its mission to increase security in Switzerland.

To that end, both local and international cybersecurity specialists are now being invited to carry out this mission together with the NTC. 


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